We own & operate the Direct-Store-Delivery distribution for the Pepperidge Farm supply chain


POAA is comprised of Biscuit and Bakery Distributors and Franchise Owners.  We are the men and women who deliver Pepperidge Farm  Products to your local grocer.  We are independent distributors who have invested much time and effort into Our Business.


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About POAA


POAA drives growth

Pepperidge Farm Independent Distributors (ID) drive more than a billion in sales and distribute tons of bread and snack varieties through Pepperidge Farm's exclusive Direct-Store-Delivery model. POAA helps IDs grow their independent businesses for the mutual benefit of the entire supply chain.

POAA delivers results

Success is easier to attain when independent business owners harness the economies-of-scale available to our national network of 4,000+ Independant Distributors, and tap into the collective wisdom of and experience of the POAA community that delivers meaning to the motto: "In business for yourself, not by yourself."

POAA serves Independent Distributors

Independent Distributors can maximize profitability by minimizing their cost-to-serve. Of course, such a seemingly simple business plan is usually complicated by the competing business needs of both ends of the supply chain. POAA helps IDs understand and protect their independent business rights and responsibilities.

POAA protects Independent Distributors

Pepperidge Farm is a wholly-owned multi-billion dollar subsidiary of Campbell Soup, a publicly-traded company with a large market cap. IDs connect Pepperidge Farm with chain accounts like Wal-Mart and Target, as well as regional supermarkets and local grocers, within relatively small exclusive geographic territories.



Association is a natural way to survive and thrive in a harsh business environment. In nature, small fish swim in schools, mammals travel in herds and birds flock together because there is safety in numbers. There is also power in numbers when smaller animals work together to confront much larger animals, which is how piranha streams can skeletonize a bull, wolf packs can bring down a caribou and bee swarms can battle a bear. Just as it is easy for a bully to stamp out a single ant, it is dangerous to step on a colony of army ants. If an army of small business owners concentrate and coordinate the efforts, they will find not only safety in the size of their association, but also unexpected collaborations that will lead to individual successes for everyone willing to fight for their own fortune. Improve your skills and building your business.

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